User's Guide

This guide contains frequently asked questions during Discoin transactions.

If you farm currencies, specifically, if you operate a server exclusively for earning currencies for Discoin-participating bots, or we've found you intentionally spamming each bot to earn currencies, we'll notify all participating bot owners. Violators will have their accounts deleted and permanently banned.

How can I exchange currency?

Commands List

  • <Currency> means 3-letter currency codes listed here. Exchange rates are listed there too.

Bot Name




$$convert-oats <Amount> <Currency>

Rates: $$discoin-rates


>convert <Amount> <Currency>

Rates: >convert

DueUtil 3.0#0764

d!exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Elite Looter#8634

;exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Info: ;discoin


-transfer <Amount> <Currency>

Rates: -transfer rates


$shop then react 3


t-convert <Amount> <Currency>

Murder Mystery Bot#7898

mm!convert <Currency> <Amount>


=exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Info: =discoin


+exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Theelgirl's DueUtil#6258

!exchange <Amount> <Currency> <DUT/DUTC/DUP>

Can I get/spend Discoins?

No. Discoin only exists during the transaction process and statistics: As a universal unit for calculating currency, it is only used for calculating exchange rates as well as currency reserves. The real world equivalent example would be XDR.

Can I have a transaction record?

I did not receive my payment!

  1. Check the Transaction Record. If it says the transaction isn't handled, the receiving bot hasn't processed it yet - By standard, bots should pick up its transactions on a 5-minute interval - so just wait patiently.

  2. If it has been more than 5 minutes and the transaction still isn't handled, contact the developer(s) of the receiving bot.

Suggested uses of each currency

Here's a table on the earning and spending mechanisms of each bot.

Bot (Currency Code)

How to Earn (Except voting and daily)

How to Spend

Dice (OAT)

$$dice-game if won

Gambling in $$dice-game

DiscordTel (DTS)

>lottery if won

Renewing your DiscordTel service, >message as well as >lottery

DueUtil 3.0 (DUC)

Quests and d!blackjack as well as d!sell


Elite Looter (ELT)

;opening crates gained by chatting, also ;games

;shoping upgrades as well as playing ;games to get more crates

KekBot (KEK)

$lottery if won

$shoping profile card decorations as well as playing $slot and $lottery

Gami (GBC)

-beg, -steal, -work


Lootcord (LCN)

t-trivia, t-scramble, t-gambleas well as byt-sell items/boxes andt-use items to loot other users, see FAQ

t-shop, t-bm, t-trade

Murder Mystery Bot (MMB)

Typing mm!globalgames daily

mm!globalgames => Shop

Pinocchio (PIC)

Chat rewards, as well as coin drops if enabled

=waifu (Buy discounted ones through =rr) as well as =paidroles if set

Pollux (RBN)

+betflip, +blackjack, +slots

+shoping crafting materials and profile decorations

Theelgirl's DueUtil (DUT)

Quests, !joinjob as well as !sell

!shop for upgrades

~ (DTC)



~ (DUP)



Credits (aka. "How can I support Discoin as a non-developer?")

  • Discoin v3 is coded and hosted by Jonah Snider (Dice). Consider supporting him on Patreon to help paying for server cost!

  • The concept, math, and non-technical documentation of Discoin is developed by Austin Huang (DiscordTel).

  • Ari Gami (Gami), Charalampos Fanoulis, DeveloperAnonymous (DueUtil 3.0), Ed Luff (DiscordTel), Godson (Kekbot) and Theelgirl ('s DueUtil) contributed to the libraries.

  • Discoin is open source. If you cannot contribute financially, consider contributing your time reviewing the code!

  • And of course, you can easily support Discoin by spreading the word to the world! Convince the developers of your favourite bot(s) to implement Discoin by showing this guide to them.