User's Guide

This guide contains frequently asked questions during Discoin transactions.

If you farm currencies, specifically, if you operate a server exclusively for earning currencies for Discoin-participating bots, or we've found you intentionally spamming each bot to earn currencies, we'll notify all participating bot owners. In other words, you are punished. In Pollux, you risk your profile being wiped out. In other bots, you also risk you or your guild being blacklisted. We have the ability to track down each server and user's activity, so please don't try us.

How can I exchange currency?

Before you can exchange currency, you must verify yourself. After verification, refer to the table below.

Commands List

  • <Currency> means 3-letter currency codes listed here. Exchange rates are listed there too.

Bot Name




$$convert-oats <Amount> <Currency>



>convert <Amount> <Currency>

Elite Looter#8634

;exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Info: ;discoin


$shop then react 3


=exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Info: =discoin


!discoin exchange <Amount> <Currency>

Info: !discoin


+exchange <Amount> <Currency>

p!exchange also

Why do I need to give out my email?

To prevent users bypassing daily limits by making multiple accounts, we use your email address to filter some of them out. We do not record or store your email address, as indicated in the source code.

You shouldn't use burner addresses on Discord anyway. You'll miss out on important offers (Like free nitro).

Can I spend Discoins?

No. Discoin only exists during the transaction process and statistics: As a temporary currency, Discoin can only be converted from one currency to another; as a universal unit for calculating currency, it is only used for calculating exchange rates.

Can I have a transaction record?


Why are there transaction limits?

While some bots have interesting features, they are vulnerable once the "challenge" in it has disappeared: For example, if you are playing RPG on a bot, one of your goals would be earning money to improve yourself. Discoin is supposed to be a tool helping you to reach that goal, not a hack reaching the goal directly for you. Without transaction limit, you will lose the power to continuing playing RPG on the bot. Also, a bot's currency system is vulnerble to inflations.

For this reason, we allow bot owners to implant transaction limits for their currencies. There are two types of limits:

Daily per-User Limit (DUL)

It's how much a user can exchange from any other currency to a specific currency in a day. For most bots, the limit is 2500. Your remaining limit is sent back to the bot when you submit a transaction.

Daily Total Limit (DTL)

It's how much all users can exchange from any other currency to a specific currency in a day. Currently, most bots have a limit of 1,000,000 Discoins per day. The remaining limit is not sent back to the bot.

What if I exceeded the limit?

We'll decline the transaction.

I did not receive my payment!

  1. Check the Transaction Record. If it says "Unprocessed" on "Reception Date", the receiving bot hasn't pick up its unprocessed transactions yet - By standard, bots should pick up its transactions on a 5-minute interval - so just wait patiently.

  2. If it has been more than 5 minutes and the status remains "Unprocessed", contact the developer(s) of the receiving bot. Alternatively, type other commands of the bot to ensure it is working properly.

  3. If a timestamp is present on "Reception Date", please go to our support server and contact the Devs.

Suggested uses of each currency

Here's a table on the earning and spending mechanisms of each bot.

Bot (Currency Code)

How to Earn (Except voting)

How to Spend

Dice (OAT)

$$daily and $$dice-game if won

Wager in $$dice-game

DiscordTel (DTS)

>daily and >lottery if won

Renewing your DiscordTel service as well as >lottery

Elite Looter (ELT)

Opening crates which can be gained by chatting and also ;games

;shoping upgrades as well as playing ;games to get more crates

KekBot (KEK)

$daily and $lottery if won

$shoping profile card decorations as well as playing $slot and $lottery

Pinocchio (PIC)

=dailies, chat rewards, as well as coin drops if enabled

=waifu (Buy discounted ones through =rr) as well as =paidroles if set

PoliceBot (PBC)

See !cmds economy

See !cmds economy

Pollux (RBN)

+daily and +pick up someone's dropped Rubines

+drop to let someone pick up your Rubines as well as +shoping crafting materials and profile decorations